Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW HD Review

Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW HD Review

Baby monitors are used for baby monitoring. These are devices that are attached to your baby’s crib or on a crib door. They are used to monitor the activities that your baby has during his/her sleep. In general, a baby monitor is a small radio system intended for use by a parent, usually with an external receiver so that the baby can hear the sound of the outside world. An audio baby monitor usually consists of an audio transmitter unit, with a microphone, installed close to the baby.

The most common types of baby monitors are the wired systems. These are usually attached to your main house wiring and are used for the purpose of giving you sound proofing. There are also wireless baby monitors. In a wireless baby monitor, the baby monitor transmitter and the receiver are placed at an easy distance from each other. When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and asks for you, the radio signal that carries the information will automatically be picked up by the transmitter and then transferred to your receiver.

The advantages of using a baby monitor is that it helps you monitor your child’s health, and if any problem is detected, you can easily inform the concerned person. Moreover, a good baby monitor will record the sounds of the baby makes and the time it took for the baby to wake up. This helps parents determine how their baby sleeps at certain times of the day and the exact time they need to change positions so that the baby won’t disturb his/her sleep.

The disadvantage of using a baby monitor is that some of these transmit radio signals through walls and some transmit the sound through your baby’s room. Some of them also send an audio signal to a receiver but not all. So, if you don’t want your baby to hear your breathing while you are sleeping, you should not get one of these kinds of baby monitors.

Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW HD Review

The Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW HD is not just a baby monitor in its own right. It can actually be a full-fledged CCTV. It can support up to 4 cameras and that makes fewer blind spots if baby monitoring is your only purpose. Not to mention that it comes with calming lullabies to help the baby go to sleep and stay asleep for a longer and undisturbed period of time.


  • Monitor your baby on a 5inches touchscreen display.
  • 4 pre-programmed soft and calming lullabies
  • It comes with built-in microphone, aside from the speaker, on the baby monitor itself. This makes two-way talk possible.
  • long-range capability makes it possible to work on the farther side of your house.
  • Long-lasting battery so you will not have to worry about draining charge.


  • Talk to your baby through the baby monitor and hear him or her respond to your voice.
  • Set up four cameras to see every angle of the room.
  • The 5inches battery delivers a better and bigger view compared to other competitive best baby monitors.
  • The lullabies can help baby fall asleep and helps block away other noise from outside.


  • A lot of complains about the charger and the battery quality.
  • No audio in split-screen mode or multiple-camera mode.

The Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW HD is a good choice if you want to set up a 4-way camera view. This will ensure that you can see other blind spots from the child’s room. But with the issues about the battery reported, I would suggest that when you buy this product, learn the proper way of maintaining its battery health. Other than that, this is a good choice for a specific type of need for a baby.

How To Choose The Best?

There are many websites and even books available that provide information about baby monitors. You can buy them either online or in the stores near your home. While buying a new monitor, it is important to ensure that you buy one that is suitable for your needs. As there are different models available, it is important to consider the frequency band that your baby uses the most. Also, the model that works best with your main wiring scheme will be ideal. While looking for a good monitor, ensure that it comes with an easy to operate and user-friendly control panel and a battery backup.

If you are in the market looking for the best baby monitors  then you already found it. You can find more information via kidzgeek where they have listed the best products they found to be good for your needs as well as your budget. They researched all the features included to see if it added value to the overall product experience.

One important aspect to consider while planning to buy online baby monitors is that it should have some advanced features like a back light and a dimmer. With these added features, it becomes easier to detect any abnormal activities, like the baby kicking or crying, by using an external light.

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